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Sahar Zadah is a psychotherapist, counsellor, wellness educator and activist. She is the founder of The Muse Co and has spent more than a decade helping women to heal, grow and transform. Her work is grounded in the belief that true healing happens through a process of self-awareness, acceptance and love. Sahar provides support, tools and practices to help women embody a more empowered sense of self.

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Support for Women

Sahar has set out to educate, empower and support women with the necessary information and guidance to develop a greater sense of self-understanding and self-acceptance. She brings a holistic and client-centred approach to her work, combining talk therapy with evidence-based practices that draw on body-oriented focusing techniques, acceptance and commitment therapy, transpersonal and gestalt therapy. Sahar has a passion for supporting women who struggle with trauma, stress, anxiety, self-esteem or challenging life transitions.Her work is guided by the latest neurobiological research exploring the mind-body connection, attachment therapy and relational models that offer the potential for self-awareness, healing, empowerment and love.

The Session

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“Sahar’s work is simple yet deep and profound. After years of looping on unhelpful narratives in more traditional therapy sessions – being guided into a meditative space by Sahar and finding the answers within my own psyche – felt like a breath of fresh air and the key to unlocking a whole new world of healing and possibilities. Sahar herself is warm, dynamic, nurturing and a gifted healer and communicator who I recommend wholeheartedly to anyone on a path of healing and discovery.”

Nathalie Kelley, Actress. Los Angeles, USA

The Muse

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I highly recommend the muse app for any woman that is seeking growth, healing, transformation and community.

Shafiqa Irwin

The muse app shares in-depth tools and resources that can help empower women to explore their truest self.

Sienna Rose