The Attributes Of A Therapist

The human experience can be isolating, and particularly in our struggles, the weight of our aloneness can swallow us whole. Even when we are surrounded by friends and family, we seek out someone who can stand beside us, reflect who we are, and offer unconditional guidance and support.


This is the role of the therapist :


A good therapist provides endless benefits for our journey towards wellbeing and wholeness. They support us. Hear us. Reflect our experience, so that we may see ourselves clearly. They can help us develop strategies for moving forward and becoming whole.


Here are some of the qualities we can look for, when we are seeking out a therapist to support us on our journey.


  • A therapist has a sense of identity. They know who they are, and envision what they are capable of becoming.  They believe they can be of service to others.
  • A therapist is self-aware. They have conscious knowledge of their own character and feelings.
  • A therapist accepts your story without judgement. They recognize they are here to provide a space for you to be heard and healed.
  • A therapist has the capacity for deep understanding and clear communication. They take all aspects of a person into account, not just spoken and non-verbal behavior.
  • A therapist is present in the moment, so they can engage and comfort you. They allow you to be vulnerable and open. They experience the now and are present with others in the now, allowing you to reach your deeper truth.
  • A therapist strives to be authentic and encourages others to be truthful, honest and sincere.
  • A therapist has deep empathy.  When they have empathy, they listen and understand you, as you are. Empathy allows the counsellor to understand you from their perspective. This allows you and the counsellor to meet in a deeper, more authentic place.
  • A therapist has integrity. They have a strong understanding of their own integrity, and the integrity of others. They are in a continual process of learning and growth as a therapist and as a human.



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