Learning To Listen To Our Intuition

Our lives are guided by many influences – our physical environment, our relationships with loved ones and our place in society. Sometimes, these connections crowd us, and confuse us, making us feel fragmented and uncertain. But deep within us, is our inner voice. Our truth. Our intuition.


Intuition. We know that word. But what does it mean? To me, intuition is a deep knowing of universal truth. It is the calling of our soul. It is a profound voice, which guides us in the flow of life. We all have intuition. Sometimes the intuitive voice is softly spoking and uncertain. Other times, we hear the voice clearly. Distinctly.On our path towards wholeness, it is important that we reconnect with our intuition. Learning to listen to our intuition is something we can practice and cultivate – get better at.


Our intuition speaks to us in many ways. It might send messages through images, symbols, dreams or represent itself as an inner voice. So how do we connect with our inner voice? Our intuition?



  • The first step is openness. We need to open our channels to the possibility that our truth lies within us.
  • The second step is awareness. We need to be present, and aware – pay attention to the different ways our intuition speaks to us. Write down our dreams. Speak to ourselves in the mirror. Use our journals to reflect on our deepest thoughts and feelings.
  • The third step is self-love. By acknowledging ourselves, respecting ourselves, and having gratitude for ourselves, we honour our intuition and deepest self.


It is a cycle. The more we honour our inner voice, the louder it becomes, and the deeper our self-love grows. I have heard my inner voice since childhood. For years, I have trusted strange feelings which stir within me. This is my connection to the divine. My deep spirit. Sometimes, though, the communication between my intuition and me becomes severed. I stop listening, or cannot hear what my intuition is telling me. When this happens, I feel disorientated. Lost. My life’s challenge is to stay deeply connected with my intuition. And as your guide, and counsellor, I help you stay connected to your intuition. Be present. Listen to your inner self. Be guided by it. And experience a greater sense of self-love, and wholeness.