Intention Has the Power to Change Your Life

Setting a daily intention is a powerful tool to express your inner desires and and can help the rest of your day flow in a positive direction.

Intentions can guide your self-healing and allow you to truly reflect on what it is that gives your life meaning. Make your intentions clear and realistic. Say your intentions out loud or whisper them deep within. Your intentions may include your desire to bring love, kindness, forgiveness, healing, abundance, joy and bliss into your existence.

You will be amazed at how this simple act can transform your experiences by keeping you centered and open to receiving the many benefits of your practices. You have so much inner wisdom that can be explored– just allow yourself the space to set your intention and then watch it flow through you.


Intention Setting Guide:


Please use a pen and paper to write down your intention and why you are creating this space for you.


  • Sit in front of your sacred altar or your place of peace.
  • Take a deep breath in and out and connect to the heart.
  • Give yourself a minute to allow yourself to find clarity and focus.
  • Either speak or write your intention down. It can sometimes take a couple of minutes to tune into your thoughts and feelings.
  • Watch what may arise when you are in this process. Give yourself the space to truly feel, allowing your intention to manifest itself.


Below are some intentions that resonate with me. They may help guide you to:


  • “Today, my intention is to let go of my idealized self and accept all that life has gifted me”
  • “My intention is to honour my intuition, I accept my path and speak my truth”
  • “My Intention is to bring forth patience and compassion for myself and all beings”
  • “Today, my intention is to allow my breath to be present and let life flow through me naturally and freely”
  • “Today, my intention is to see beauty in the world and feel gratitude in my heart”
  • “My intention is to let my light shines bright over fear and my presence is powerful in love”
  • “My intention is to share myself confidently and truthfully today and always”



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